Ideamind provides hosted SaaS solutions and on-prem deployment of business solutions catering to small and medium business on CRM, Project Management, Helpdesk, Employee self service, Knowledge Management, Program Management and much more.

Banking & Financial Services: Banking and Financial Services industry is a highly regulated one. With changing times banks and financial institutions have to adopt quickly to volatile market conditions while adhering to regulations and compliance matters. Solutions for regulations and acts such as Dodd-Frank, GLBA, Anti-Money Laundering, FATCA and UK Anti-Bribery are the need of the hour and most banks want applications and systems that are agile.

Retail: Retailers are adopting faster than ever before. While electronic and mobile commerce platforms are allowing the customers to shop, brick-and-mortar retailers are turning to technology to stay relevant. Retailers are looking for smart applications that can help them fix issues with suppliers, supply chains and internal processes that need a complete overhaul.

Hi-Tech: New age technology companies are embracing newer technologies faster. These companies are spread across the globe and are constantly looking for business solutions that are on cloud and easily scalable. Global technology companies want cloud based solutions for managing documents, content, business travel that are innovative and don't require long implementation cycles while adoption is fast.

Healthcare and Life Sciences: Healthcare and pharma verticals have been at the fore front when it comes to adopting technology. Be it for meeting the requirements for regulatory matters such as HIPAA/HITECH or managing patient or medical records or systems for 21 CFR Part 11/21, the industry has heavily relied on technology to run their business. With platforms offering more flexibility, the industry now has an option to consolidate and use one system for many applications.

Manufacturing: Manufacturing has gone global. The idea of access to cheaper raw material, cost-effective manpower are helping multi-nationals save big on operational costs. In a distributed world, leveraging technology can help you manage your business better. Use of technology can help you drastically improve the way you manage your core business functions such as operations, shop floor or global sourcing strategy etc.

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