Skills Development

Better Skills, better opportunities, interesting job profiles!! A meticulous way of helping individuals find their strengths, interests and guide them to tune existing skills and acquire new skills. Curriculum is designed for creating and co-creating core competencies to match the industry expectations.

Ideamind focuses on Skill development at all levels on Technology and domain from Opensource to Microsoft and from Healthcare to Manufacturing. Most of the work though is concentrated on the early years of the career and shaping up a well rounded individual to take up leadership roles in the organization as they move forward. Also, there is a special focus on individuals moving from Corporate to Entrepreneurship where a careful assessment of the plan is done and mentoring is provided to guide them towards a positive and fulfilling startup journey. This reduces any heart-burns and prepares them with the armor for taking things forward in a fruitful way.

For more details on the types of courses, its content and duration, please reach out to us by filling your details on the Contact Us page. 


Products for Skill DevelopmentProficiency Levels
 Aptitude Development Career cracker / Job cracker / Campus cracker
 Programming (Microsoft & Open Source) - Separate modules depending on interests of the candidate Coder / Code Warrior / Code Master
Overall Professional Communication & DevelopmentBeginner / Intermediate
Live projects / Internship / Placement assistance All levels
Desktop Site