We ignite young minds to move the world using technology. We are always on the lookout for people who are self-starters and entrepreneurial with strong technical, analytical and communication skills to join our global workforce.

Why should you join Ideamind?

Below are a few compelling reasons why young turks love to work and stay at Ideamind:

  1. Ideamind belongs in the upper crust of India’s IT industry that focuses on cutting-edge research, training and development of bleeding-edge technology framework and products. This lays a huge emphasis on the intellectual capital and contrasts with the IT factories, which account for more than 4/5th of India’s IT, that sell low-end commodities like coding, testing, training and support services at hourly rates. They depend on armies of semi-skilled engineers.
  2. The twin engines that drive the creation of new initiatives and ideas at Ideamind are creativity and innovation. Essentially these are about freeing ourselves from what we have already known in the technology space and pushing the envelope of possibility. That also explains why people stay on with us and add value. Typical IT services, on the other hand, is a process-oriented world, where creativity is not always required. As a consequence, attrition is quite high.
  3. As a training and research company, Ideamind invests in development of people, our most important differentiator, so they stay on the cutting-edge technology. IT services companies invest more in their real estate and processes than people.

If you are passionate about technology and love to work on solving business problems that will make an appreciable difference to the customer, please send us your resume at If your skills match one of our open positions, our talent team will get in touch with you. If not, we will keep your resume on file and will notify you about future openings that might be a good fit.

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