Assessment Services

Ideamind Assessment Services (IAS) is a reliable, precise and scientifically crafted to evaluate candidates for performance and productivity. The assessments are helpful to measure a candidate's potential to learn and apply programming concepts with or without prior programming experience.

Goal and objective based assessment. What do I want to do and how do I get there? Areas of improvement and timelines to achieve the goal. A 360 degree analysis to improve and acquire skills to start building a career of choice or startup of your dreams. Ideamind will assist and mould the individual or group to become their best at what they love to do.

As part of the assessment services, Ideamind conducts workshops on the overall readiness of an individual to start contributing to the corporate world and introduce finer aspects as part of the curriculum which is mostly practical and market associated instead of just theory and tests. This helps the individual to take responsibility for his/her actions and decisions on practical projects and technologies and thereby providing confidence to the hiring authorities in the corporate world.

On a lighter note, every individual starts thinking and igniting their mind on the WHY factor more than the HOW and WHAT factors of doing a job or getting a job done.

Scientific Products for AssessmentProficiency Levels
 Technology Proficiency (Microsoft & Open Source) Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
 Domain Proficiency (Career Focus) Basic / Intermediate
General  Aptitude & Communication Intermediate / Advanced
 Critical Thinking & Reasoning capabilities Basic / Intermediate / Advanced
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